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Detroit by Design
Ort: Detroit
Auftraggeber: AIA Detroit
Größe: 15 ha
Jahr: 2012
Typ: Internationaler Wettbewerb
In Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit:
Studio B Landschaftsarchitektur, München

In Zusammenarbeit mit:
Vierzueins Architektur und Stadtplanung, München

"Detroit Spills" creates a lively and colorful open space at the terminal point of Woodward Avenue.
The park with its amorphous central "green spill" stands in contrast to its built-up surroundings based on a rigid grid of streets and blocks. It breaks Woodward Avenue's straight alignment to become a free-form urban oasis on the waterfront.

Amidst a backdrop of groves, the multifunctional Central Lawn is a clearing made up of gently rolling lawns providing ample space for play and sports as well as for events and festivals. It is circumscribed by the Leisure Loop, a wide pathway offering interesting views of the scenery and changing vistas of the Detroit river. Embedded in The Groves, differently themed gardens offer a large variety of possibilities for recreation and interaction: playgrounds, community gardens, sports fields as well as shaded lawns and paved areas for manifold individual outdoor uses. Different venues like cafés, a gallery and the Swimming Deck on the river offer more recreational options. The entire car-free park is framed by a wide promenade providing ample space for strolling and cycling as well as maintenance access for motorized vehicles.

The park's main arrival areas are located on its eastern side: Hart Plaza to the north as a transition space from Woodward Avenue, handling public transport and incorporating the information pavilion, new light rail station building and existing church building. To the south Port Plaza with the new Port Authority Building and dock for boat trips and in between the exit of the tunnel to Canada for international arrivals. The former parking deck is reduced in height by a couple of parking decks and now is home to Detroit's unique Sky Beach with bar and club offering an amazing view across the river. Bordering on J. Lewis Arena, the Berlin-style Urban Beach stretches right down to the waterfront promenade providing a perfect river panorama.